CBT survey

2018-07-31 15:10:43

Dear friends!

The first Warface CBT on PS4 has recently ended. Now is the time to gather the feedback, analyze it and decide on the further course of action. And you can help with that! Complete a short survey and share your opinion about the game. It will not take much time but will benefit the game greatly in the future. Together we will make Warface even better!

You can complete this survey by 14:00 UTC (16:00 CEST) on August the 2nd.


What next?

PS4 CBT II will take place during the coming weekend, from the 3rd to the 6th of August. Players from both European and North American regions will be able to participate in it. If you have already taken part in the first CBT, you do not need another key. CBT II will offer new content, which we will highlight in a separate article.

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Heute möchten wir dich über den Anubis-Raid informieren, den ersten Spezialeinsatz von Warface-Soldaten. Während dieses geschlossenen Betatests kannst du persönlich ein Team kommandieren!
2018-07-28 10:06:26
Die zweite Phase der GBT
Bereitet eure Ausrüstung und eure Waffen vor, die zweite Phase von GBT auf PS4 ist fast da!
2018-08-01 13:33:31

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