Increased server rates

2018-10-12 18:18:56


The best that Warface has is our playerbase. We are always happy to see you on our social platforms and are grateful to everyone who follows the developemnt of our project. Recently our Facebook group has reached 315 000 likes. There's a whole army of us! We want to thank you. And thus we put on increased server rates for the weekend!

Increased server rates for all fights are active!

Till 9:00 UTC on the 15th of October you will be receiving 50% more Warface Dollars, EXP and Vendor Points. This bonus stacks with the effects of the boosters!

We are sure that it's not the limit, and our next goal is 320 000 likes. As soon as we reach that stage, we will once again celebrate with increased rewards. Join in and call your friends! 

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