Gold ACR CQB and Desert Eagle in the store!

2018-10-16 11:53:06


Several fun new additions are already waiting for you in the store. They're sure to come in handy in battle and will take a worthy place in your weaponry collection!

Gold Fund

All engineers are sure to love the ACR CQB machine pistol in gold. It's a great choice for close to medium range combat, it has three module slots and increased damage against zombies — this gun will be useful in any fight!

The ACR CQB will help you stand out not only in battle, but in the headquarters — after you kill 999 enemies with this machine pistol, you'll get a rare stripe.

It's always fun when you have a high-caliber big gun in your hand! And doubly fun when it looks great too. The famous Desert Eagle in gold is here!

You can get three whole achievements for killing enemies with this pistol!

One shot, one frag!

This motto is perfectly suited for the McMillan CS5 sniper rifle. This gun's outstanding characteristic is its integrated silencer, which reduces noise from your shots, but doesn't influence damage.

Right now you can not only get your hands on this rifle, you can also decorate it with the unusual camouflage from the Lake Bird series.

Other New Additions

Of course, the list of new additions doesn't stop there. Eight more guns await you!

 JS 9mm
MSBS Radon
Calico M960A
Derya MK-10 VR 102
ORSIS Т-5000

Hurry and get your hands on these guns. They'll be leaving the game store on October 19!

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