Warface: Breakout — log in and get the reward!

2020-08-14 11:04:17

UPD:  This offer has ended ahead of schedule due to the technical issues.


Warface: Breakout  — is one of our new products, where teamwork and good combat skill are vital in order to win the match. If you were waiting for a good offer to buy it — that's the chance!  

From 11:00 UTC (13:00 CEST) on 14th of August till 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST) on the 31st of August you can get the following rewards: 

  • After you buy Warface: Breakout and log in the game, you can get permanent Gold SIG Sauer P226 C; 
  • After reaching level 5 you will get the permanent Gold Tactical axe!


  • You need to be authorized in Warface: Breakout to get the first reward;
  • Your gift will be sent directly to the game — you will see it the next time you log in Warface;
  • If you have already bought Warface: Breakout, you won't be able to get the first gift. But don't be upset — you can still reach level 5 and get the second prize!

See you in game!


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Warface: Breakout collaboration offer has ended ahead of schedule
Warface: Breakout collaboration offer has ended ahead of schedule. You can no longer get gifts for purchasing the game.
2020-08-17 14:23:57

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