Special “Heroic" and "Legendary" edition

2020-08-20 08:06:35


"Heroic" and "Legendary" edition packs are out, waiting for you to harness an unbelievable power! Stylish and lethal weapons of "Medusa" and "Deimos" series will improve your performance on the battlefield and trill your enemy at the same time!  Apart from this, you will also get some kredits — they can always come in handy!

"Heroic" Editon 

Are you brave enough to claim the power of "Medusa" or will you avert your gaze? Your fate is in your hands!

This edition contains:

  • "Warface" base game
  • "Medusa" Gerber Tomahawk 
  • "Medusa" TEC-9 pistol
  • 500 Kredits

Kredits are a premium in-game currency in Warface. It allows you to purchase weapons, armor, boosters, consumables and much more.

Legendary Edition

Will you be terrified to unleash legendary power or subdue "Deimos" to ascend? Only you can decide!

This edition contains:

  1. "Warface" base game
  2. "Deimos" primary weapons for four classes
  • M249 Para rifle
  • Saiga Bullpup shotgun
  • Honey Badger submachine gun
  • DSA SA58 SPR sniper rifle
DSA SA58 SPR "Deimos"
Honey Badger
Honey Badger "Deimos"
M249 Para
M249 Para "Deimos"
Saiga-12С "Deimos"

Both packs are already in store waiting for soldiers to take them. Go-go-go! 


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