Frighteningly Useful Packs

2018-10-25 10:58:28


Want to scare your enemies to death? These new sets will help you!

Black Shark pack

Before you set off on a new dangerous mission, make sure you have a good weapon for close combat: who knows what awaits you around the next corner? The weapon from this pack is sure to come in handy!

The pack contains:

  • Mischief Katana.
  • 500 Kredits.

Ooh, a katana? That's right! Firearms are nice, of course, but no gun can compare at close range with a sharp Samurai sword, that can cut an enemy in two in one blow even if they're wearing the thickest body armor! The Katana from the Mischief series stands out from the standard version not only with its provoking appearance, but also a useful bonus — it deals damage to all enemies within its hit zone!

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Halloween pack

It's time to celebrate the scariest day of the year! Put on equipment conveying the spirit of the holiday and treat your enemies to a crushing defeat!

The pack contains:

  • Halloween helmet ver.2.
  • Mischief Army Knife.
  • Mischief Grenade x50.
  • Mischief Smoke Grenade x100.

A helmet for Halloween. This terrible mask will not only strike fear into your enemies, it will also protect the most valuable thing you have — your head: the helmet increases head protection by 20% and reduces the flash bang effect by 60%.

An army knife. One look at this brutal weapon will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. And the knife from the Mischief pack, with its colorful appearance, also deals extra damage to all types of cybernetic enemies. Trick or treat?

Mischief grenades. These unusual grenades differ from their ordinary counterparts with their unique explosion effect, and will make a great gift for your enemies! Don't forget to pull the pin before you give it to them.

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