Coming soon: New PvP Maps

2018-10-19 12:27:30


A lot of fun stuff is coming to the game very soon: the Black Shark raid, Battle Royale mode and, of course, new PvP maps. We're about to tell you all about them!

Motel Map, Team Deathmatch mode

The battlefield is an abandoned motel in the Nevada desert. The battle takes place among the low buildings, utility sheds, trailers, and vans.

The motel's land consists of three main buildings: the motel itself, a diner, and a gas station with a convenience store. You need to be careful with the gas station: the motel might be abandoned, but there might still be some gas left. If an explosion happens, there will be hell to pay!

Palace Map, Plant the Bomb mode

The battle takes place in the palace of an influential sheik in the Middle East. The grounds include fountains, palm trees, merchant stalls, and a car garage. All this would tell of peacetime living if it weren't for the armored vehicles standing at the entrance and the armory in the main hall.

There's work for every class on this map: it's full of crowded crossroads, although there are also open areas covered by snipers. The task of the attacking team is to destroy strategically important buildings in the zone, break through into the palace from the south and place explosives at one of the key points. The task of the defenders is to prepare for an invasion and prevent the destruction of the points, eliminating the enemy team or defusing a bomb.

Hills Map, Storm mode

The action unfolds in the Balkans. A town that seems perfectly ordinary at first glance has an important strategic value: capturing it will allow you to unfold the full-scale onset in this region. To take full control of the area, you must take control of the three strongholds.

Don't let enemies near the key points. The success of the entire campaign in the Balkans depends on it. You have no right to make a mistake!

Construction Site Map, Capture mode

This map is a factory under construction: all around is spilled soil, pipes, concrete blocks, and construction equipment. Approaches to the building are covered with containers and the damaged skeletons of old buses.

Somewhere on the construction site is a case of rocket launch codes. Is it worth explaining what the consequences will be if those codes get into enemy hands? Eliminate everyone who gets in your way!

Mojave Map, Battle Royale mode

Details about this mode and map can be found in the corresponding materials.

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