Battle Royale Update [23 October]

2018-10-23 12:45:37


There’s a new update on the game server! The Battle Royale mode, Black Shark raid, and new PvP maps await you.

Battle Royale PvP Mode

A unique game mode, completely unlike any of the others. Your goal is to eliminate all opponents and be the last survivor. But it won't be easy: at the beginning of the round, all you'll have at your disposal is a melee weapon, and if you want to equip yourself with something more serious, you'll have to hurry!

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The Black Shark Raid

Intel indicates that a tower is under construction in Eastern Europe that is suspiciously similar to the building from the White Shark raid. The Warface squad will have to fight to scout the area, get all the possible information, and destroy the skyscraper. We have reason to believe that the tower will be finished within the next few weeks, and then its defense system will activate, and the new Shark will be nearly invincible.

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New PvP Maps

Now you can go assault the support points on the Hills map, battle enemy teams on the territory of an abandoned Motel, handle the explosives in a Palace, or try to stay alive in the heat of the Mojave Desert. Where to go first?

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Social features

  • The voice chat has been added. It is available in PvP “Ranked Matches” and PvE “Special Operations”.
  • After a minute of inactivity in the game lobby the player gets the “away” status in the contact list of other players.


  • Game performance improved.
  • Game stability improved.

Platinum trophy

With Battle Royale mode it's now possible to make Warface Platinum trophy! Be the first to do it and get a cool prize!

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