Game Update (Hotfix) - October 6th

2020-10-06 08:04:00


We’re back with a short (but sweet) hotfix.

Bug fixes 

  • Fixed the main issue causing frequent freezes for many players after the release of the "Hydra" update

Aim Assist

Quickplay and RM

  • Aim Assist now also includes a mechanism that changes the player's input speed depending on the distance of the sight from the target.
  • Improved the mechanics of adjusting the direction while using aim assist. Now, fine-tuning will be carried out only after a certain period of time between shots.
  • Improved target selection algorithm for Aim Assist
  • Improved the mechanics of finding the aiming point for Aim Assist


  • In ranked mode, Aim Assist is enabled with all of the above functionality, as well as a cooldown effect when switching to aiming mode.

Enjoy the updates and see you on the battlefield!

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