The Halloween event is upon us!

2020-10-23 13:00:28

Warface is ready for the Halloween celebrations: you can now enjoy the maps "Halloween Farm" and "Halloween Wars", and a blood-chilling theme song and new shop supplies. 


Halloween maps


Halloween map replaces the basic “Streetwars” in “Team Death Match” for the duration of the holiday.

Despite the festive mood—you’ll be sure to stumble upon plenty of zombies, pumpkins, caskets and other appropriate Halloween-themed attributes—the gameplay will stay the same. You’re tasked with eliminating enemy soldiers, and the first team to reach 150 kills (or to gain more kills in the given period of time), wins!


The mythical, eerie Halloween version of “Farm” makes a return this season! It replaces the regular “Farm” and “Farm: Sunset” in “Team Death Match”.

Take to the fields of battle set at a graveyard among the open caskets, moving scarecrows, flying witches and pumpkin streetlights!

Festive shop update

It wouldn’t be a Halloween event without some spooky items to go along with it >:) Freddy’s mask and gloves will strike fear into anyone who comes across you!

The TEC-9, S&W M&P R8 and Karambit are getting sweet looks as well.

Karambit "Crow"
TEC-9 "Xray"
S&W M&P R8
S&W M&P R8 "Zombie"

The items below are making a comeback this year! 


"Poltergeist" series

Butterfly knife
Balisong knife
Maxim 9
Maxim 9
Stoner LMG A1
Stoner LMG A1
Marlin 1894 Custom
Marlin 1894 Custom
Bushmaster BA50
Bushmaster BA50

Be sure to visit the shop and see all of the fresh goodies we've got for you this Halloween season!

Trick or treat!  ^^ 

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