Agent Noda and Sigma-3: the story goes on

2020-10-30 15:29:25

We continue to tell the stories of the main Warface characters through comics. This time there are two of them telling about the squad "Sigma-3" and Agent Noda.


The war and power walk side by side treading feelings, shedding lives and turning attachments into blood stained ashes. They leave nothing behind except for pain, rage and thirst for revenge. However, loss and devastation forge new alliances. Will they be strong enough to stand the death and tell the good from the evil in a world where a puppeteer can any moment turn into a miserable rag doll in a bitter farce?

There is a vulnerable beating heart inside every faceless uniform. No matter how hard seasoned a soldier is, the little piece of warm flesh sinks to feel someone dear suffering. The soldier is a vocation but the one who takes orders is still human. The soil of a man's heart is stony. He grows what he can and tends it but he must be ready to pay the price. 

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