Items for Halloween, Gold Enfield L85A2 and other new additions!

2018-10-26 12:03:53


The most terrifying holiday of the year is just around the corner. Get ready for it now! Right now, the gold version of the Enfield L82A2 awaits you in the store, along with various items for celebrating Halloween, the bone-rattling USAS-12 shotgun, Mischief series weapons and other new additions. Scare your enemies to death!

Enfield L85A2 Gold Version

The British Enfield L85A2 Custom and its gold version are in stock in the game store for the first time. This weapon stands out for its ability to fire three-round short bursts. The rifle has a weak and easily controllable recoil, good damage, a high rate of fire and excellent range, which makes the Enfield L85A2 a fearsome weapon at practically any range!

You'll get a special achievement for killing 999 enemies with the gold version.

In addition, you can decorate the standard version of the rifle with an unusual camouflage.

Halloween Costume

Now is just the time to dress up for Halloween! These items will help you scare your enemies and survive the holiday.

The Halloween Vest will increase your armor by 40, increase defense against explosives by 25% and reduce damage taken from close-range weapons.

The Halloween Vest ver.2 increases your armor by 50, reduces damage per hit by 10, increases the number of rounds for your main gun by 100% and automatically restores 2 armor (after 5 seconds with no damage).

The Dread Mask increases head defense by 45% and decreases flash bang effect by 60%.

The Halloween Helmet increases head defense by 60%, decreases flash bang effect by 60% and allows you to detect enemy anti-personnel mines.

Mischief Weapon Series

If you're expecting a battle against a crowd of enraged zombies, this series is exactly what you need. Apart from its fearsome appearance to scare off enemies, these guns have a special bonus — a 200% damage increase against all kinds of cybernetic enemies. Yes, a whole 200%!

H&K G36K
H&K G36C
Dreadful Cleaver
Stechkin APS
H&K MG36

You can also get achievements for killing enemies using weapons from this series.

To throw an explosive party, don't forget to bring some special grenades that have a special effect when they blow up!

USAS-12 Shotgun

A bone-rattling new addition for medics — the automatic USAS-12 Shotgun. Its outstanding feature is its 20-round magazine and automatic firing mode. This combat shotgun will go down well with anyone who'd rather not stand behind their comrades and is always ready to leap into the heat of battle. Your enemies are going to hurt!

Cyber Slayer Series

Did you like the colorful guns from this series? There's a new addition to the game store! Two more guns are now available — the automatic Glock 18C pistol and the rapid-firing Saiga Bullpup carbine.


These guns have worthy battle stats and will do well in PvP, and their additional damage against all zombies will come in handy during raids.

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