SIG Sauer P226 C and stunning discounts!

2018-11-02 10:28:17


What's the formula for victory? That's right, you can't go wrong with reliable gear! The shop's just been refilled, let's go over the top picks this time around! First up is the unparalleled SIG Sauer P226 C sidearm, Golden Fabarm STF12 Compact and quite literally a breathtaking Tactical Axe. Find more gear on discount in the shop!

Top picks

SIG Sauer P226 C. Sidearms are often portrayed as secondary weapons, the reliable backup choice should you run outta ammo with your primary. That may be applicable to other secondaries, but that's not quite the case for SIG Sauer P226 C! Exceptional in everyfield from firing performance to magazine capacity (up to 20 rounds!), this gun's your best pick if you want to emerge victorious!

The gun comes with unique attachments: the Osprey suppressor that increases accuracy, reduces noise but doesn't tone down your damage, and the Trijicon RMR collimator sight with a 1.4x zoom.


Let's get into real customization: pick one of the two custom skins that your enemy definitely won't forget!


Fabarm STF 12 Compact. This shotgun and its golden variant will make valuable assets in your armory. Few rifles can challenge its striking power with borderline absurd 700 points of damage! Other stats won't leave you short with an impeccable effective range and a high—for a pump-action shotgun—rate of fire, paired with the innate ability to load up one shell at a time. Put them down or put them out, with a bang! 

Take notes now, here's the Golden one — aside the lustrous, luxury exterior, it offers even better combat performance. Shoot down 999 enemies with the Golden Fabarm STF 12 and you'll get a stripe to pin on your profile.

Tactical Axe. Talk about melee weapons and you've got knives, brass knuckles and bayonets. This time we've got something better: razor-sharp tactical axe! Makes quite a bold statement in a heated argument and boasts higher reach than other melee weapons, while its secondary attack will cut through even the toughest anti-melee vests!

Following the hardwired traditions, two custom skins will be going up for grabs — for those striking LAST impressions!

Axe 'em a question!


Got something in your wishlist? Get it at a discount! Hurry up to stock up on the resurrecton coins and awesome guns while they're 20% off!

Golden AK-47
Resurrection coins
Golden AWM
FABARM XLR5 Prestige
Golden FABARM XLR5 Prestige

There is no indication about any discount for Resurrection coins, but don’t worry: you will see the correct prices once you press the “Purchase” button. After that you will be given the following options:

Amount of coins Old price New price
5 25  20 
25 120  96 
100 450  360 

Ready to win?

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