Bringer of Justice, the SAS squad and more

2018-11-09 12:09:50


Today we're looking at a newly supplied, legendary Winchester 1887 — a widely-accepted all-star for delivering swift justice in the Wild West and now, a favorite pick among cyborg assassins. Apart from that, you will be able to get the unique SAS and Guerrilla body skins, excellent guns and their weapon skins.

Winchester 1887

That's right, the very same legendary shotgun. Doesn't matter what you're planning to do: restore the natural order of things or justice, eliminate countless hostile cyborgs and just up to no good — Winchester'll serve the purpose of making your point most compelling, with a one-of-a-kind reloading animation as a final touch.

Fierce looks and unique reload are far from the only advantages of this rifle. Damage reaches some unthinkable 800 points, and that's the highest a Medic's armory can offer!

Hasta la vista, baby!

New squads

British armed forces, at your service! These SAS squads don't mess about, they've got but one way of dealing with hostiles — take them down. Swiftly and mercilessly. The squad is well-equipped and trained for combat and covert ops.

The Guerrilla squad teases with its striking beauty, but it is precisely that — striking! They excel in firearms training and close quarters combat. Few dare to challenge them in battle.

Other items in the Arsenal

Engineers will be able to enjoy the Desert Tech MDR-C submachine gun. Its unusual design may surprise you, but all the doubts will be settled once you get to firing the gun. The SMB has high damage (84), sustainable recoil and fast reload, making it an ultimate choice for PvP.

Snipers will be able to grab the AX308, a consistent top-performer in accuracy and range. Damage caps out at 350 points and effective range at 80 points respectively — a potent combination at any range! By the way, this beauty comes in three bright camos.

Riflemen can now pick up the Type 97B rifle at the shop — a modified Type 97 version. One of its distinctive features is customization, starting with the unique Leupold Deltapoint 1.3x zoom collimator sight that improves accuracy.

Switching to a secondary? Keep the same rate of fire with the fully automatic Glock 18C. Don't be stunned by its 50 points of damage, this gun's a tornado waiting to be unleashed, while its increased magazine will riddle your enemies with bullets in a matter of seconds. Don't forget to outfit it with an impressive camo!

Chance of a melee? Go for a Katana! Honed blade is bound to cut through the toughest vest with its wearer. To make your slice-and-dice even more exciting, grab one of the custom Katana skins.

And now to the final component for an explosive party, get a couple of land mines. Your enemies will be torn apart by that surprise!

Please note that these land mines are restricted to specific classes.

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