Warface F.A.Q.

2021-04-16 17:55:25


Warface FAQ is here. Get the answers to the most burning questions. You can ask your questions on Discord in the #consoles_feedback channel, or on our latest Reddit FAQ post.  

  • Q: When will the shop get fresh weapons for crowns and boxes for WF$?

A: Expect this type of shop update in the coming weeks.

  • Q: We haven’t seen any updates to the rewards in a long while (e.g. Gilboa cards and login streaks). When can we expect changes?

A: The rewards will get an update with the upcoming new ranked season. As for the login streak, we promise not to take “too long”, and will think of a way to freshen it up and the system in general.

  • Q: Will we be compensated for issues that occurred on consoles?

A: We’re prepping a unique achievement, a PVE event with a box we think you’ll like, increased BP points + rates, and also boxes for Crowns. This will all be announced gradually in due time, stay tuned for news!

  • Q: Will we get charms for crowns and WF$?

A: Yes, plenty of them coming soon.

  • Q: The DVL-10 M2 on consoles, when?

A: April~May

  • Q: How often do you plan on releasing console exclusive Battle Passes?

A: No plans for exclusive BPs yet.

  • Q: When will you update the shooting-range?

A: Expect it to get a revamp in one of our upcoming updates.

  • Q: Would you be willing to add a contract with VIP boosters, which can be acquired with crowns?

A: We can’t give a concrete answer yet, but we will think this matter over.

  • Q: Will there be new ranks? Do you have anything planned for veterans of the game?

A: There are no new ranks in the making at this time. However, we do have some plans for our veteran players which we will share later down the line.

  • Q: Will we get the “Mutiny” Battle Pass on consoles?

A: We plan on implementing content from the “Mutiny” BP in some of our upcoming updates. The format in which you receive this content may differ from it’s original BP concept.

  • Q: Many players feel like the Aim Assist feature requires more polish. It has many errors. Will you fix them, and maybe even rework the system entirely?

A: Aim Assist is an important feature for a console shooter. We take it very seriously and always take player feedback when gathering data. However, this feature requires not only a lot of feedback, but also a lot of time to get right. So please be patient.

Fresh answers to your burning questions are coming soon, stay tuned! 

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