Atlas of War Pack

2018-11-21 17:06:57


As you already know, a Battle Pass is coming soon to the game. During this event, you'll be able to get great rewards including guns from the Atlas series. Check out the first new additions right now—the CZ 75-Auto is at your service, along with a whole crate of smoke grenades in the style of the upcoming event. You can get them in the special Atlas of War Pack!

Pack includes:

  • Atlas Series CZ 75-Auto (permanent)
  • Atlas Series Smoke Grenades (100)
  • 500 kredits


This series pistol is unique and you can only get in the Atlas of War Pack. This is your last chance to get it!

Also, for killing 15,000 enemies with this pistol, you'll get a colorful badge!

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Pack includes:

  • Atlas Series Smoke Grenades (100)
  • 200 kredits

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