Coming soon: New PvP Maps

2018-11-18 13:26:18


Very soon, new arenas will appear in the game for various PvP modes. The Sirius, Residence, Longway, Factory and Airbase maps are sure to keep you entertained! Let us tell you about the new additions in more detail.

Airbase Map, Team Deathmatch Mode

Head into a team battle on a civil aviation base: both around the hangar and inside it. An abundance of entry points into the building makes it very convenient for attacking groups—there'll always be a way to flank your opponent.


If you prefer to close distance with the enemy right away, then fight inside the airliner in the hangar! And real hotheads can even try to start the airplane's engine.

Factory Map, Plant the Bomb Mode

This location was once a bustling factory. On this map, soldiers must fight in the harsh conditions of an industrial zone. The map is large and full of long areas perfect for snipers—but there are tight passageways on it as well.


The defenders' task is to prepare for an invasion and prevent the points from being destroyed by eliminating the enemy team or planting a bomb.

Longway Map, Capture Mode

Leap into a skirmish in a section of a ruined village with an old fortress inside. Over its history, the castle has withstood more than one siege, and now it finds itself at the epicentre of a revolution again. The village is full of all kinds of vehicles, crates, piles of garbage and so on. The map is small, but features both crowded alleyways and long open sections ideal for snipers.


The Fortress provides an opportunity to use all types of military tactics. The attacking team's job is to capture a case of codes by infiltrating the zone from the west. The defenders' task is to prepare for the invasion and guard the case by eliminating the enemy team.

Residence Map, Blitz Mode

This forest residence belongs to Oberon White. One of the rooms is rigged with explosi ves. The battlefield is quite large, with a multitude of passageways, stairs down to basements and up to the higher floors, and open spaces. There are several paths to the main point, which enemies will try to use to reach the explosives. This is a great place for an ambush!


Pay special attention to the key positions: try to take them before the enemy. That will help you turn the tide of the battle. The attacking team's task is to prevent the explosives set in the complex from going off. The defenders' task is to protect the explosives from interference by eliminating the enemy team.

Sirius Map, Domination Mode

Your scouts have alarming news: in the mountains in a distant region of Africa, an enemy engineering complex has been detected. Judging by the photos, the enemy is preparing to launch a rocket to take a satellite into orbit. If they achieve this, then our troops' positions will be an open book to them. The consequences could be catastrophic. Capture the facility at any cost!


More info about the map and mode

Good luck on the battlefield, soldiers!

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