Cold Peak Update (November 20)

2018-11-20 16:30:30


The game server has a new update! You can now access the Cold Peak raid, Domination PvP mode, new PvP maps for several modes, new achievements, and much more!

Cold Peak Raid

Our satellites have encountered strange distortions in the signal in Siberia: an entire mountainous region has disappeared from the radar. Attempts to break through the screen have been unsuccessful. It looks like we’ll have to get some boots on the ground. Be on your guard: we've been informed that Blackwood has erected a whole base in the sector.

The most experienced soldiers can risk tackling the Spearhead, Ambush, and Zenith missions one right after another, without the chance to catch their breath between them. In this case, all the special resources accumulated for installing mines and defensive setups during the raid will be saved when you move on to the next part.

For your success in this challenging special operation, you will receive special achievements and rewards, including unique skins for your character and a weapon in winter camouflage.

Rewards and Achievements


More about the Cold Peak raid

New PvP Maps

The Sirius, Residence, Longway, Factory, and Airbase maps are sure to keep you entertained:

  • Airbase, Team Deathmatch mode: Head into a battle on a civil aviation base, both around the hangar and inside it. An abundance of entry points into the building makes it very convenient for attacking groups — there'll always be a way to flank your opponent.
  • Factory, Plant the Bomb mode: You must fight in the harsh conditions of an industrial zone. The map is large and full of long open areas perfect for snipers — but there are tight passageways on it as well.
  • Longway, Capture mode: Leap into a skirmish in a section of a ruined village with an old fortress inside. Over its history, the castle has withstood more than one siege, and now it finds itself at the epicenter of a confrontation again.
  • Residence, Blitz mode: This forest residence belongs to Oberon White. One of the rooms is rigged with explosives. The battlefield is quite large, with a multitude of passageways, stairs down to basements and up to the higher floors, and open spaces.
  • Sirius, Domination mode: You'll be fighting in an enemy engineering complex. Judging by the photos, the enemy is preparing to launch a rocket to take a satellite into orbit. The rocket launch processes, especially the movement of the transport platforms, will force you to change your tactics during battle.
Game Achievements on the New Maps

More about the new PvP maps

New Domination PvP Mode

This mode requires you to not only shoot sharply, but also change positions actively, assessing the situation and distributing your squad’s strength appropriately. You main objective is to capture and hold three key locations that will earn your team points. Whichever side is the first to get a thousand points wins.

Sirius is the first map for this mode. Fighting will take place in a complex that contains three key points: the first two are the head and tail of the rocket, and the third is the command center where the launch will be controlled from.

Capturing and holding these positions will give you a tactical advantage and full control of the territory. Don’t take your time, but be careful!

Domination Mode Achievements

Хирургическая точность

Одна точка, чтоб править всеми

Минное поле


Единогласное решение

Беспроигрышная стратегия

Алгоритм победы

More about the Domination PvP mode and the Sirius map

Good luck on the battlefield, soldiers!

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