Golden guns, weapon skins and discounts

2018-11-16 13:55:30


Time to get ready for the weekend! The game shop has been updated with not one but FOUR golden guns, three weapon skin sets and exhilarating discounts. Make it a blast!

Gold Reserve

Riflemen will be able to pick up a true gun to highlight their versatility: the Golden ACR. Thanks to its superb effective range (at 17 points) and practically vertical recoil, this gun will make you excel at practically any range!

Medics can opt for the luxurious Fabarm XLR5 Prestige. Aside great damage values, this rifle boasts a superb rate of fire, enough to dispatch several enemies in a quick and efficient fashion, while the ability to load up one shell at a time will keep you ever ready to face your enemy. Besides, XLR5 Prestige comes with a unique Leupold Deltapoint 1.2x zoom collimator sight that will increase your accuracy and reduce recoil.

Engineers will be to track their target with an utmost precise Tavor CTAR-21. This marvel of Israeli engineering combines excellent combat specs and is quite simple to handle — a reliable gun well-suited to newcomers and veterans alike.

Snipers? Try to stay sane with the M14 Crazy Horse. The gun packs 350 points of damage — an incredible value for its class — and a high rate of fire (75 points), while its main strength comes from the semi-automatic firing mode and a 10-round mag. Waste no time while you make every shot count!  

Some interesting facts

ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) is an entire weapon system that serves as a platform for its different versions — or derivatives — that range from the shortened ACR CQBs to full-scale marksman ACR SPR rifles. There's even an ACR AK variant chambered in the Soviet 7.62x39mm rounds!

That intricate engraving you see on Fabarm's receiver isn't made up by the Warface devs — you can find that very design on some of the real life shotgun models. The manufacturer decided that the gun should not only be reliable and accurate, but please the esthetic cravings of the owner as well. As a result, some of their rifles receive a unique finish.

The actual name of the Tavor CTAR-21 SMG has a curious explanation. "Tavor" (or "Tabor") is the name of a mountain in Israel, while CTAR stands for Commando Tavor Assault Rifle. And lastly, the number designates that this weapon system is designed for the 21st century.

All golden guns in the game deliver 50% more damage to cybernetic enemies, and some sniper rifles cap out at a 250% bonus! The M14 Crazy Horse sniper rifle among them.


Four more guns can be picked up in the store: ORSIS T-5000 sniper rifle, Fabarm P.S.S.10 shotgun, SR-2 Veresek SMG and lastly, the MSBS Radon assault rifle. By the way, you can also get the "Ultimate hunter" skin for the AR!


Weapon skins

Want to stay under the radar in the scorching desert or merciless jungle? Or maybe strike your enemy with a flashy weapon skin? "Tigerstripe", "Desert Snake" and "Anubis" sets are at your service! These and other weapon skins are already available in the game shop!

Keep in mind that you can get these in the "Inventory" tab as well. Go to your "Weapons" tab and select the preferred gun. If it has any weapon skins, they'll be displayed in the section to the right.


Nothing beats that sweet feeling getting an item from your wishlist, other than getting it at a discount! You can now grab the entire set of four superb guns while it's on sale!

Winchester 1887
Type 97B
Glock 18C

Learn more about these weapons and their skins in our previous announcements. By the way, the squad skin sets and class-specific items are still on sale!

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