2021-06-04 10:37:02


Should you fancy refreshing your weapon arsenal, look no further. New shop update is featuring AN-94 "Abakan". A worthy addition to the perfect arsenal.


The AN-94 "Abakan" was developed by a small arms designer Gennady Nikonov. The assault rifle boasts high accuracy and low spread. When firing in long bursts, the weapon shows as good performance as the AK-74 regarding accuracy and bullet spread while in single burst fire mode it even surpasses its peer due to a long sight line.

In the game, the rifle fires two bullets in a semi-automatic firing mode. The weapon specs are perfectly balanced: excellent damage and rate of fire, good aiming range and the availability of a unique grip that reduces spread and increases the arm reloading speed.

The golden version of the assault rifle, apart from stunning looks, will boast an even better effective range and increased magazine capacity.

  • A special "Abakan" grip decreases spread and recoil by 15%, and improves the reload speed by 15%.


By landing killing blows with the new weapon, you'll get memorable distinctions.


  • Random boxes with AN-94 "Abakan" will be available in store for Kredits starting from 4th of June till the next server restart.

Don't miss out, and see you on the battlefield!

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