Enemies: part two

2018-07-13 15:58:10


At first we wanted to give you detailed descriptions of all the enemies the Warface squadron may run into in their missions, but then decided that you might find it more interesting to discover them yourself. That’s why in this article, we are just going to describe general features of groups of enemies so that you know what to expect.

There are four major categories foes fall into: regular Blackwood troops, which we talked about in the last article, cyber soldiers, mechanical turrets, and minibosses. So, let’s take them in order.

Cyber Soldiers

The Blackwood corporation’s reputation speaks for itself: weapons trade, financial scheming, illegal resource extraction, and exacerbating armed conflicts around the world. In a single moment, the corporation overstepped all imaginable bounds, when it began experimenting on human beings. In one of their secret labs, they were developing cybernetic implants, when the expected happened—an experiment went out of control, and resulted in the inundation of a large swatch of Eastern Europe with victims of the unsuccessful experiment. According to intelligence reports, the cybermutants have been detected in other regions.

They look just like ordinary humans, but with incredible physical strength. As they do not have firearms, they try to move quickly, fighting a close range, striving always to engage their enemies if hand-to-hand combat. Some are so strong, that they can send an adult human flying with a single blow! Intelligence indicates that some cybernetic soldiers in a region of Africa have been seen to leap as high as 10 meters!

Defense Turrets

Specially protected areas of the corporation may have automatic guard turrets, true marvels of Blackwood engineers.

There are two types of turrets, and each type must be approached with a different tactic. One you should keep away from and focus your fire on it from a safe zone; the other requires a more hands-on solution. You must go in close and take out its power source.


On some missions and raids, the squadron will come across mini-bosses. They are nearly impossible to defeat in one-on-one battle, so you will need to exercise teamwork. Here are the main types of mini-bosses.

Heavy Gunner. They are dressed in heavily-armored blast suits, impenetrable to conventional firearms, and armed with a high-caliber machine gun. The only way to neutralize this walking fortress is to disable the power unit located on its back.

Mech 2300. The pride of the Blackwood Engineering Corps. This enormous piloted war machine is capable of wiping anyone who dares to stand in its way off the face of the earth. This titan’s arsenal consists of two heavy machine guns and a rocket launcher. Its armor fully protects the mechanisms from damage; however, the cockpit can be penetrated with shots from an RPG. That will cause an emergency reset of the system, during which it is crucial to destroy the energy block, the vehicle’s only vulnerable spot. Don’t think too long, because a second’s hesitation may spell your doom!

Ka-50. This highly maneuverable battle helicopter can turn an enemy into Swiss cheese in mere seconds, so duck and cover! The tactic for this battle is simple enough: Find an RPG and try to hit the target. A few direct hits should solve your problem.

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