Crossplay in Warface

2021-06-09 14:26:28


We're very proud to announce the launch of crossplay on Nintendo Switch. We’ve come a long way to implement this feature but it was worth it, and we are sure that it will make your game experience even more enjoyable. We hope crossplay will add even more engagement to the game, create a more stable environment, and unify our players.

Before starting the game, please make sure your game client is updated (version 1.0.25)


  • On what platforms is crossplay available?
    At the moment it is available for Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
  • How do I turn crossplay on? Is it possible to turn it off?
    Crossplay should automatically be turned on. If you want to turn it off, please do the following:
    - Open game settings
    - Click "system” tab
    - Cross-platform matchmaking.

    However, if you disable crossplay, you’ll only be able to join games with other players who disabled crossplay on the same platform which may lead to much longer waiting time. We do not recommend turning crossplay off.
  • How do I play in one team with friends from other platforms?
    Unfortunately at the launch of cross-platform play this feature will be unavailable, but we will endeavour to add this option in the future.
  • Is it possible to carry over my progression from one platform to another?
    Crossplay lets you group up with players on other systems, but you won’t be able to carry over your own achievements, progress, items etc. to accounts on other systems.
  • Will the prices be the same across all platforms? What about offers such as discounts in platform-specific stores?
    The game store will be the same for all platforms and thus will be the prices, however, platform-specific store offers such as discounts may vary on different platforms.

Known Issues:

  • FN SCAR Special “Valkyrie”: incorrect display of the weapon damage indicator in the Inventory. (87,4 instead of 92)

Have fun!

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