Game update - 23.09

2021-09-23 09:56:46


This update features some interesting content: new contracts for IWI Carmel&SAI GRY LMG and "Swarm" special operation! Moreover, some issues causing freezes and crashes were fixed. It's time to join the battle with a new gun! 

New contracts

Want to earn a lot of cool rewards and have fun? It's time to mix business with pleasure: the new contracts are already in game! Complete the contract and collect crafting cards for IWI Carmel and SAI GRY LMG and craft some of the most powerful guns in the game! 

  • The contract is active till the 23rd of November. 

Special Operation "Swarm"

Enjoy the atmosphere of classic horror films of the 80s! The dawn haze will be a harbinger of the nightmare that you will have to live in reality. The pitch darkness that reigns in mysterious laboratories and damp tunnels of a grim underground bunker will make you shudder from every rustle and shoot into the darkness. Well, soldier. Welcome to Swarm! 

The "Swarm" operation offers cool ways of decorating your coat of arms and personal profile. The new Special Operation yields plenty of unique achievements. Get them all to demonstrate your skills to others.

Technical improvements

  • Fixed an error due to which players had "freezes" while using the attachments; 
  • Fixed an error due to which players had crushed during the Medic training course. 
  • Fixed an error due to which "Shapeshifter" set didn't have set bonuses.

The better you prepare - the higher you soar!

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