Soon in game: Battle Pass "Rock Solid"

2022-03-11 13:12:22


A new Battle Pass season "Rock Solid" will soon be launched. Several important changes have been made, but in general, the structure of the Battle Pass will remain the same. The team is currently working on a new reworked system, which will be available in one of the upcoming seasons. Let's move on to the key changes.


There are 50 levels in the BP progression. Free Battle Pass access will grant you cool weapons and equipment. The new gear will be awarded at the initial levels of the Battle Pass, while powerful weapons, beautiful camouflages, and other novelties will become available at higher levels.


Level Reward Access Type Level Reward Access Type
1 "Briefing Map" Stripe Premium 26

M4 Marksman Custom "Rock Solid"

2 "Rock Solid" Gear Set for Rifleman Free 27 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium
3 "Rock Solid" Gear Set for Medic Free 28 "Rock Solid" Camo for OTs-14 Groza Premium

"Rock Solid" Gear Set for Engineer

Free 29 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium
5 "Rock Solid" Gear Set for Sniper Free 30 H&K P30 "Vigilant" Free
6 Tokens and Knife Charm Premium 31 VIP Booster (7 d.) Premium
7 Rifleman Tokens Free 32 Mossberg 590 Custom "Rock Solid" Premium
8 Compass Premium 33 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium
9 Colt M1911A1 "Rock Solid" Free 34 Paycard Charm Free
10 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 35 "Rock Solid" Camo for Mossberg 590 Custom Premium
11 Medic Tokens Free 36 VIP Booster (7 d.) Premium
12 Bon Voyage Charm Premium 37 AKS-74U "Rock Solid" Premium
13 IWI Carmel "Rock Solid" Free 38 "Target Coordinates" Stripe Free
14 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium 39 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium
15 Engineer Tokens Free 40 Vigilant Karambit Premium
16 "Blood Money" Badge Premium 41 "Rock Solid" Camo for AKS-74U Premium
17 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 42 "Lucky Cap" Mark Free
18 M4 SMG Custom "Rock Solid" Free 43 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium
19 Sniper Tokens Free 44 Mauser Kar98k "Rock Solid" Premium
20 Lucky Coins Charm Premium 45 Mega VIP booster (3 d.) Premium
21 Kalashnikov USA Komrad 12 "Rock Solid" Free 46 "Rock Solid" Camo for Mauser Kar98k Premium
22 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium 47 Lighter Charm Premium
23 "Tactical Backpack" Badge Free 48 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium
24 Rock Solid OTs-14 Groza Premium 49 "Rock Solid" Camo for Hunting Knife  Premium
25 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 50 Rock Solid Makarov Pistol Premium


Good news for the participants! In this season we have made a decision to increase the rewards for battles: you will get 2 times more points for matches as before. It will be much easier for everyone to get a weapon they like without spending too much time. 

We have decided to remove contracts for weapons and equipment since for some players, these contracts were difficult and took a long time to complete. Now, it is easier to obtain weapons and gear - just play and level up in the Battle Pass!

Have a nice game!

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