Festive series discounts

2019-01-16 12:15:56


Holidays don't have to go! Keep partying with the astounding Radiance and Christmas series guns, now on sale! And if you're deployed to a boiling point, grab the searing-hot complete Earthshaker set!

Christmas gear sale

No more grim-looking mundane slacks, get geared up for real and unleash havoc! All festive gear, weapons and explosives are now on sale, 20% off. Keep partying!

All festive gear now 20% off!

Radiance series discounts

Your favorite top guns sporting the fine, stylish look will still do the job in any tough fight, while also boosting your morale and granting that extended holiday spirit. And, they'll help you get those memorable achievement stripes!

All Radiance guns now 20% off!


Earthshaker series

If you've been longing for a gun of this unique set for a while, boy do we have some good news for you! The entire set's now up for grabs in the game shop. These weapons are battle-tested to be the best-in-slot choices for a gunfight, and did they mention you'll be looking smoking hot long ever after?

Complete Earthshaker set, now at your service


See you in battle!

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