New thematic contracts already in game!

2022-12-02 10:35:36


Today, new contracts have become available in the game. Complete tasks and get new items into your inventory — thematic content, dedicated to the most popular sport in the world, football!

More about the Rewards

Among the rewards are a Random Box with weapons of the "World Tournament" series, a hefty supply of Smoke Grenades, unique achievements and weapon charms. Can you get them all?

The contracts are available to all players from level 5!

How do I get the novelties?

We have added new contracts with football content to the game. Complete tasks and get the "Football Fans" box, unique sporty achievements, weapon charms, and other useful items.

There are two kinds of contracts, one-time and daily. The former yields a unique charm as the final reward. The latter — temporary weapons of the "Hidden War" series and a Random weapon box. Here is what might drop from it: Enfiled L85A2 Custom, Mossberg 500 Custom, FN SCAR-L PDW, McMillan CS5, and CZ 75-Auto of the "World Tournament" series for 3 hours or permanent.

Contract details

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