Awesome guns up for grabs

2019-01-22 12:12:26


The game shop has been updated with some awesome golden guns. These will help you prevail in any gunfight looking all fancy!

Need something bold, robust to storm and suppress? Give the Golden M249 Para a shot... or all 220 shots, if you prefer! This LMG doesn't mess around, it lays a suppressive fire where you put it!

Medics are all about saving lives, and at times you can do more with the good old shotty than a med medkit. Now, forget the good and old, grab the Saiga Bullpup and sate the need for rate of fire, impressive damage and effective range all at once. This beauty's forged for the heat of battle.

Engineers can now pick up a golden ACR CQB – a prime choice for close quarters and middle range combat. Three custom attachment slots and increased damage against cybernetic units make this gun a top pick in any gun fight.

One shot, one kill. If this describes you as a Sniper, you've gotta try AX308. This gun delivers 350 points of damage, the highest possible effective range and a superb rate of fire – just the kit to eliminate your enemy in any environment.

See you in battle!

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