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2019-01-28 08:37:14


We're following all your feedback on our social channels. Today, we'll answer some of the most frequently asked and popular questions. Alright, let's go!

Will the players using controllers be separated from players using keyboard & mouse?
This is a tricky question, and the answer more of depends on the actual platform. We haven't added mouse and keyboard support as of yet but we're monitoring other projects and their experiences, while looking out for opportunities and ultimately, an optimal solution.

Are you planning to add private rooms?
Yes, this feature will be implemented in one of the future updates.

Are you planning to revise or overhaul the clan system? In particular, this concerns the clans' ranked ladder and clan battles.
Yes, we're working on this. We've made the first step to adding private PvP rooms. They'll serve as the groundwork for the future clan battles to come. Ranked ladder for clans is also in development at this time, and will be added in one of the future updates.

Is there a chance we'd be able to pick maps in pvP in future?
We're not planning to add that feature to Quickplay. You can still enjoy and practice specific maps in private PvP rooms.

When will "Atlas of War" be released?
The event's currently in its final testing stage, we'll be sure to cover the launch dates in our future articles.

Are you planning to run tournaments?
We're currently working on the most viable option to run tournaments. We understand that esports is an essential part of the game, and we'll be sure to give it enough attention in future.

Will there be new regional servers?
This largely depends on player activity in a given region. We're constantly monitoring our player base and their experiences, and will be sure to add regional servers if necessary.

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