“Ghost Squad” bodyskin pack

2018-08-14 14:06:24


We've got some awesome news! Starting in Early Access, All PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive a complete Ghost Squad body skin set as a gift!

This squad is renowned for its swift tactical executions and operations. Relying on their survivalist skills, they use the environment to their advantage, becoming true ghosts of the night or day to stalk and wreak havoc among the enemy ranks. Their extensive service lists includes successful operatons in demolitions, high-value target eliminations, intel and infiltration ops, hostile take-overs and more — one could hardly find a task they wouldn't be suited for.

Please note that body skins do not affect your character stats in any way, and has a pure cosmetic value. Nevertheless, it helps you stand out among the ranks in general, while in combat it makes you more difficult to spot in specific environment.

See you in the game!

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