PvP mode "Destruction"

2019-03-06 08:41:32


Yesterday a new PvP mode "Destruction" and its two maps were added to Quick Play. What is the main goal and what will grant you victory? We’ll tell you!

"Destruction" mode

Your main goal is to capture the command post in the centre of the map and activate the transmitter before the enemy. After that, your team will start to gain victory points and air strikes will be launched against the enemy positions. Be careful - some fortifications will be destroyed by airstrikes while the access to the command post will be obstructed. Therefore, you’ll have to change tactics in the middle of the fight! Be first to get 1000 points (request three airstrikes) and win.

"Lighthouse" Map

The battlefield is a small port in the Balkans. Your task is to capture the command post, but be careful - it is a perfect spot for enemy marksmen to get a clear shot. Don’t forget to bring extra smoke grenades, they’ll come in handy.

Be quick and take control of the lighthouse that provides an excellent vantage point to the command post. One sniper will be enough to hamper the enemy attack!

"Towers" Map

You are off to a small town in the Middle East. Our intelligence reports that an enemy transmitter that you should capture is located there. You can count on air support but you need to send the coordinates.

Defending the command post, it’s a good idea to cast a glance upwards: the enemy can attack from above walking down the roof while marksmen will most probably occupy lofty vantage points on top of the towers.

Good luck in battle!

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