Changes in the arsenal

2018-08-22 10:04:42


What can be better than to enter the combat with trusted allies? Only doing that with new weapons at hands!

Today some guns left the store and others took their place.

Famas F1
AUG A3 Hbar
Cobray Striker
Skorpion vz 83
SR-2 Veresk
Barrett M107

Don't miss this excellent opportunity to try out a new gun in action!

Left the store

 IMBEL IA2, JS 9mm, Beretta MX4 Storm

 Franchi SPAS-15, Kel-Tec Shotgun, UTAS UTS-15

 FN P90, JS 9mm, Beretta MX4 Storm

 CheyTac M200, Orsis T-5000

See you in the game!

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