Ranked Matches System

2018-08-23 08:22:21


If you want to refine your PvP skills, you miss smooth teamwork and team spirit, dream of generous rewards, unique achievements and rare weapon skins to stand out on the battlefield, then ranked matches are exactly what you need!

Ranked Matches

The system includes 21 leagues. You can reach the top league by achieving victory, but it won’t be easy: the closer you come to the coveted top league, the more dangerous the opponents are, and a losing streak will knock you back down the ladder of progress.

All fights take place in the Blitz and Plant the Bomb PvP modes on a random map between two teams with 5 players in each. Access to the mode is unlocked from level 11.

A single league can contain an unlimited number of people, i.e. players don’t push each other out, however many there are. You can view your progress in the Ranked PvP tab.


All ranked matches take place in seasons that are launched and end one after another. When a new season starts, all progress is reset – players begin the battle in equal conditions.


Participants of ranked matches can expect two types of rewards: current and seasonal. The higher your league, the better your reward!

Current Rewards

Given for advancing through leagues, can be obtained only once when the league is reached. If a player goes down a league during the game and then goes back up again, then the reward will not be awarded a second time.

In-game currency is given for advancing through leagues – crowns and warbucks – along with 15% boosters for experience, deliveries and warbucks.


Seasonal Rewards

Every month, when the current stage of the competition ends, seasonal achievements are awarded. They depend on the league the player finishes the season in.

If a player manages to reach the top league, they’ll get a special reward – the Jade Dragon rare weapon skin.

Are you ready to prove that you’re worthy of the pedestal of honor? Then get started!

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