Nuclear Series at your service!

2019-04-12 10:19:37


Check out the store today to find the Nuclear series of weapons and the gold version of the RPD Custom machine gun. It's time to show the enemy who's the boss on the battlefield!

Nuclear Series

All these guns are made using sedrium. Their nice green color really shines and even dimly glows in the dark. Don't worry about being exposed to it: there's no radiation here. It's the frame's material that creates the radioactive effect. The technical stats of the guns in this series are on point, so your enemies are going to have a rough time!

For destroying enemies with this weapon, you'll get colorful patches.


You can buy the weapons of this series for Kredits at a fixed price or try your luck by opening the corresponding boxes.

Gold RPD Custom

This modified RPD Custom machine gun will definitely come in handy during a raid: its respectable rate of fire and roomy 100-bullet magazine will allow you to take down a large group of enemies. PvP fans will appreciate this one too, since the RPD Custom deals increased damage to limbs and features rapid aiming mode.

Gold RPD Custom Achievement for 999 kills

Good luck in battle!

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