Weapon Room: FN SCAR-H

2018-08-27 14:48:13


The Germans are considered some of the most talented arms makers in Europe. However, their colleagues in Belgium could give them a run for their money. Today’s discussion will be about the SCAR-H assault rifle, made in an American branch of the Belgian company FN Herstal.


The FN SCAR system was developed especially for the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). There are two different varieties—Mk.16 SCAR-L (light) and Mk.17 SCAR-H (heavy). The rifle went into the service in the 2005 and was used in battle in Iraw and Afghanistan. Experts predict that in the foreseeable future, the Mk.16 and Mk.17 will replace the weapons systems used by certain subdivisions of the US special forces.

The SCAR-H rifle takes 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges, but if the appropriate components are replaced, other cartridges can be used. The SCAR-H rifle is available in three configurations: S (Standard), CQC (Close Quarters Combat) and SV (Sniper Variant).

Currently, FN SCAR rifles are supplied to arm the US rangers. The weapon is also popular in computer games. For example, the rifle can be seen in all three Crysis games.

The Weapon in the Game

FN SCAR-H deals the highest damage assault rifle in the game and has an excellent range, making it a truly formidable weapon at almost any distance. The ability to install a large number of modules allows you to use the SCAR to resolve a wide variety of combat situations.

Perhaps the one drawback of the rifle is the strong recoil and small magazine size, with just 20 rounds. Luckily, the enemy won’t notice the magazine is empty—they’ll be dead.


There are several achievements that can be earned for taking out enemies with this rifle. Trust us: With a weapon like hits, they should be easy to unlock!

Special Forces Kill 10,000 enemies with the FN SCAR-H
Special Forces II Kill 25,000 enemies with the FN SCAR-H
FN SCAR-H Elite Kill 5,000 enemies with the elite crown version of FN SCAR-H
Ambitious Strike Kill 999 enemies with the gold version of the FN SCAR-H

By the way, you can only get the gold version from early access packs. There will never be another opportunity to get it!

The FN SCAR-H is a rifle for soldier who don’t like to hide. Leave that to the enemy.

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