PvE event "The Rise of the Force"

2019-05-03 12:18:27

Jedi Masters and Sith Lords!

The lightsaber is the constant attribute of almost any adept of the Force. But even such a powerful weapon can not resist the  cortosis blade. And our katanas are no worse - they can cut through any armor with just one blow. Get this mighty saber in a new PvE event!

Battle Meditation on!

Until May the 7th, for each successful completion of a PvE mission on the “Hard” difficulty, you are guaranteed to receive a Katana Random Box. From it you can get a temporary version of this sharp samurai sword, as well as its permanent counterpart. Do not miss this special opportunity to acquire the elegant weapon for a more civilized age!

The event will end on May the 7th during the maintenance

Do you want to save time and immediately rush into battle, strking the enemies with the flick of your hand? Look at the store - Katana is already there! You can purchase it at a fixed price or try your luck with Random Boxes.

Choose your side

The color of the Katana is important and is directly linked to the philosophy of the owner. In game store you will find several camouflage items, which will please the adherents of both Light side and the Dark one. Let the great Force show you the way ...

May the Force be with you!

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