New arsenal shipment

2019-04-30 06:47:08


A good weapon is the key to success. Before you set off on a challenging mission, check out the game shop – new guns are awaiting.

The golden Beretta ARX160 sports excellent rate of fire, high damage, and manageable recoil. Wielding such a gun, Riflemen will easily eliminate any enemy. Note that landing 999 kills with it will provide you with a custom achievement.

The assault rifle is available via direct purchase.

If greeting the enemy with hail of lead and long bursts of fire is your style, have a close look at PKP “Pecheneg”. Its impressive damage values, unrivalled rate of fire and high-capacity 200-rounds magazine make it a perfect weapon to deal with enemy hordes.

The heavy machine gun is available via direct purchase and in Random boxes.

Medics can extend their arsenal with the golden shotgun Winchester 1887. The embodiment of devastating power and incredible beauty, the rifle boasts classy looks and the highest damage among its peers (800 points)! What’s more, by hunting your enemies with this weapon you can get an elegant stripe.

The arm favoured by Hollywood action flicks and cyborg-hunters is available via direct purchase.

One of the best precision rifles in game АХ308 is up for grabs. It is favoured by seasoned soldiers for its superb damage (350 points) and unparalleled effective range (80 points). Settle any problem with one shot!

The powerful and incredibly precise precision rifle is available via direct purchase and in Random boxes.

See you in combat!

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