Golden Fabarm STF 12 and more

2019-05-13 09:08:28


Any soldier is striving to get his hands on a reliable gun with cool looks. The new shop update brings an awesome golden shotgun and a set of classic weapon models for other classes.

Golden Fabarm STF 12

The golden version of the pump-action shotgun Fabarm STF 12 Compact makes its comeback to the store! Without a doubt, many Medics favour this tactical rifle thanks to its mindblowing stats: high damage, excellent effective range and lethal rate of fire.

Image fabarm stf 12 compact gold camo.png

Don’t forget about a fancy stripe coming for landing 999 killing blows with the golden version of the arm.

Golden Fabarm STF 12 Compact is available via direct sale while its normal version is obtainable from Random boxes.


This semi-automatic assault rifle will definitely catch the eye of Snipers striving to diversify their habitual gameplay and Riflemen looking for new experiences.

According to its stats, the gun packs a superb punch of 80 points. Taking into account double damage to the body and extremities, the total damage dealt amounts to 160 points per impact! A few precise shots will blast your enemies into kingdom come no matter what vest they wear.

This extraordinary gun is available via direct sale and in Random boxes.

Micro-Roni CAA

The weapon’s striking futuristic design and impressive combat stats make it a must-have for that top-of-the-line slot in your armory. Micro-Roni CAA offers excellent damage, comfortable recoil, high capacity magazine and impressive accuracy when fired ‘from the hip’.

Besides, the submachine gun is compatible with several unique attachments.

Special Grip Laser Sight Grip Hartman MH1

Slightly increases hip accuracy, decreases recoil and recoil shake. Greatly increases hip accuracy, slightly decreases recoil and recoil shake. 1.4x reflex sight with a fast zoom.

Micro-Roni CAA is available via direct sale and in Random boxes.

Dragunov SVU-AS

Turn the battle into a storm of lead with the marksman rifle Dragunov SVU-AS! Automatic fire mode, insanely high rate of fire, impressive effective range and large-capacity mag make this gun stand out among its peers. No mission will be too hard for those who carry this weapon!

Don’t forget about its unique attachment — a special SVU bipod located on the rifle’s forend. Every position pays off in its own way!

Dragunov SVU Bipod (Collapsed) Dragunov SVU Bipod (Released)
Slightly increases hip accuracy and select and deselect speed. Decreases recoil and sway when prone.

This precision rifle is available via direct sale and in Random boxes.

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