The first season of Battle Pass has started

2019-05-21 12:30:42


Total mobilization is in progress. The first season of Warface Console Battle Pass has started! You can expect a wide range of missions, pulse-pounding battles, and, of course, a whole heap of awesome rewards. Want to know how you can take part, what to do, and what items you can get? Find out right now!

Personal progress and levels

Everyone participating in the event will be able to gain over 100 levels of personal progress, with a reward for each of them. Earn the required amount of experience and level up to the next level. How? It's simple: just play your favorite PvP modes or complete Co-op missions and raids. Absolutely everyone will be able to participate in the event: the rewards for the first 10 levels are available to all. But if you want take advantage of all the features of this event, you'll need premium access.

Premium access

Once you buy it, you have access to rewards for all personal progress levels. And you'll literally drown in a sea of cool items! How about unlocking a permanent colorful K.I.W.I. tactical axe? Or collecting a full set of GROM special squad skins? Or maybe you'd prefer a collection of achievements and unique weapon skins? All this and much more await you in the first season of Battle Pass!

Reach level 100 and become the owner of the powerful K.I.W.I. series Kriss Super V Custom Submachine Gun. Get one of the best SMGs in the game!

Please note: without premium access, you'll still be able to earn full experience and progress through levels, but won't be able to earn rewards for level 11 or higher. However, once you buy it, you'll instantly receive rewards for all levels you've reached.

Levels 100+

What shall you do after reaching the maximum level? Keep earning rewards, that's what! For each level after 100, you'll get a special season box that may yield a permanent K.I.W.I. series weapon or a temporary regular version of a gun!

What's really nice is that even if luck isn't on your side and you get temporary rewards from 49 season boxes in a row, when you open your 50th box you are guaranteed one of the K.I.W.I. series guns permanently! Great, don't you think?

PvP and Co-op missions

In addition to personal progress, there are PvP and Co-op missions that will be available after purchasing premium access.

Co-op missions. Complete raids at any difficulty or Co-op missions at Pro level with different classes to collect all the K.I.W.I. series helmets.

PvP missions. Want to collect a full K.I.W.I. equipment set and add a colorful, brutal M48 Bowie to your arsenal? Play any PvP mode and just kill enemies playing as any class. You'll receive the reward once you reach the required number of kills.

Note: Progress from private rooms doesn't count

An interesting fact about K.I.W.I. equipment: If you equip two or more items from this series, you get additional set bonuses.

Set bonus info
  • Bonus from two equipped K.I.W.I. items: weapon reload speed increased by 20%.
  • Bonus from three equipped K.I.W.I. items: accuracy increased by 10%.
  • Bonus from four equipped K.I.W.I. items: protection against explosion increased by 40%, head protection increased by 30%, sprint speed increased by 5%, sprint distance increased by 40%, and hit damage reduced by 10 points per hit.

The four-item bonus stacks with the bonus you get from two or three items.


How do I buy premium access?
Premium access is sold for Kredits.

Can I pay for access with Kredits I already have on my account?
Yes, you can use them if you have enough.

Will all items (temporary and permanent) received during the event remain in my inventory?
Of course. All items will remain, whether game skins, weapons, or Kredits.

How long will the first season of Battle Pass last?
It will last for exactly two months from when it starts.

Does it make sense to join the event later, for example, in a month?
Of course! You will get as many rewards as you can earn. Everything depends on you!

When does the event start?
The event will start on May 21.

Get ready for battle, the fun will begin soon!

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