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There are four playable classes in Warface: Rifleman, Medic, Engineer and Sniper. Each class comes with its own unique skill set, weapon classes and abilities. Something as simple as class choice can determine the outcome of the game -- teams with attentive medics will stay in the fight longer, engineers will help deal with explosives, riflemen offer extra ammo to the allies and snipers ensure that all prioritized threats are eliminated in a timely fashion.


This is an all-round role, arguably the most universal in any encounter. First through the breach, Riflemen unleash furious suppressive fire with assault rifles and light machine guns, and are always the last to retreat.

The primary choice of weapons lies between rifles and LMGs. Whereas the first offer versatility, LMGs are a marvel for dispatching large quantities of enemies (see: cyborgs) at a cost of recoil and long reloads.

Riflemen’s unique ability is restoring ammo to themselves or their allies with ammo packs. This is truly irreplaceable, given that certain enemies are far too tough for you to melee!


Initially, medics seem to have a rather simple and clear purpose: save lives. Teams will find it hard to get by without someone to patch up a wound, not to mention medics’ ability to revive recently downed allies with a defibrillator. You can’t deal damage if you’re dead, and medics help teams stay in the fight longer.

Having said that, medics are far from harmless themselves. Armed with combat shotguns, they’re truly a force to be reckoned with in close quarters, unless you’re good at eating lots of buckshot. Repeatedly.As a medic, you want to stay clear of open, cover-free spaces and long ranges -- leave that stuff to the snipers and riflemen. You are smart enough to know the value of life, and how convincing a shotgun round can be at short range.


Master of explosives, sabotage and subterfuge, engineers employ anything from high-tech solutions to downright simple yet practical tools to achieve victory.

Their weapons of choice are light and compact SMGs and PDWs, as well as anti-personnel mines. Their ingenuity extends even further as engineers offer defensive perks to their team -- much like Medics are ready to patch up your wounds, Engineers are your go-to for fixing armor.


Sniper doesn’t have any unique active skills like refilling ammo, restoring health or armor, but Sniper is the only role that can send their enemies into a knockdown with a single high-caliber rifle round. Snipers are fearsome.

Their weapon of choice differs between bolt-action rifles and semi-automatic rifles. Whereas the former are good for eliminating targets with one shot, the latter are more suited to dynamic playstyles. As such, Sniper isn’t necessarily the immobile class all the time, though they truly excel at long ranges.

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