Gold Cowboy continues

2019-06-27 10:37:48


You can never have enough high-quality weapons! Five more awesome gold weapons for any class have been added to the game shop. Even the most dangerous combat ops will turn into a thrilling hunt for your enemies with them on your side.


You can get these gold models in the game shop at a set price. Plus, there are also special boxes waiting for you that contain permanent and temporary versions of the classic models.


You can get these stripes for destroying 999 enemies with an corresponding weapon.

Discounts on boosters

Now that you're armed to the teeth, it's time to head into battle. Don't forget to purchase boosters beforehand, especially since now you can get a great deal: a 30% discount on VIP and Mega VIP Boosters!

Smoke Grenades

The value of smoke grenades cannot be overstated. Bringing a teammate back into formation safely, getting past an enemy, placing or disarming a bomb unnoticed, covering an escape route or, conversely, launching a surprise attack — this is just a short list of situations where this special weapon can come in handy. Want to add a splash of color to a battle? Smoke grenades can help with that! When they explode, they produce a smokescreen with a unique effect that gives it the form of a flag.

You have thirty different kinds to choose from. Pick whichever one you like the most! And the best part is you can purchase them for Warface Dollars, both by the piece and temporarily.

Good luck in battle!

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