Fresh Shop Update

2019-07-23 07:26:14


Today the game shop will pleasantly surprise you not only with class-specific top-tier performers but also with cut-price character skins. Gear up for coming battles!


Every trooper requires reliable arms as a soldier cannot hope to last long carrying a knife only. Check out the game shop: such splendid guns will turn the most challenging mission into a walk in the park. Rest assured, these excellent weapons will never fail you!

Золотая Beretta ARX160
Golden Beretta ARX160
Золотая M14 Crazy Horse
Golden M14 Crazy Horse
Honey Badger
Honey Badger

The arms can be obtained via direct sale in the game store or from the corresponding Random Boxes.

Character Skins on Sale

Would you like to stand out from the squad and hide your gear from prying eyes? A good skin is all you need. Don’t miss the deal and get "Aurora" squad uniform sets and state-of-the-art exosuits at a 30% discount!

Now you are fully prepared for fight!

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