New Game Content Available!

2018-09-04 07:34:28


New Game Content Available.  The continuation of the Anubis raid, Capture PvP mode, and new PvP maps are now waiting for you!

The Escape from Anubis Raid

The time has come to find out what's happened with Warface soldiers after the Anubis raid. Was the squad able to get to the extraction point? And why was Oberon White, one of the leaders of the Blackwood corporation, communicating with them? Come play now to join the Escape from Anubis raid. The survival of the squad depends on you!

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PvP mode Capture

Do you like PvP modes and teamwork? Then you'll enjoy the new Capture mode! A briefcase with missile launch codes is too valuable to allow another squad gain possession of it. Do whatever it takes to make sure it stays on your side!

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New PvP Maps

Have you mastered all the PvP maps and want to try something new? No problem! Come play right now to go storm the abandoned wharf, set up a real free for all in the forest, deactivate a bomb near the ancient pyramid, or neutralize the enemy's team at the hangar. Where should you go first? The choice is yours!

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Are you still reading this? Your opponent is already training!

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