"Mars" Update: Part 1

2019-10-08 10:01:05


The first part of the October update has landed on the game servers. A breathtaking raid on the Red Planet and the third season of the Battle Pass are waiting for you. To arms, soldiers!

Mars Raid

Get ready for a new wave of excitement in Mars Raid! For the first time, you go into battle on the Red Planet and get a brand new gaming experience thanks to unique gameplay not previously encountered in Warface. You'll discover the story of the Sunrise Raid, you can remotely control your enemy's SED-2, test the ARCUS energy weapon in battle, fight new enemies, get loads of achievements and much more besides! Find out more.

Battle Pass Season Three Starting

Personal progress and levels

As in previous seasons, event participants can access over 100 levels, each with its own reward: you’ll be able to get equipment from the Armageddon series, which we’ll talk about below, a range of powerful guns and camouflages, premium currency, a collection of achievements and much more. And for reaching level 100, you’ll become the proud owner of the incredible AK Alpha!

By the way, when you get this assault rifle, you’ll also unlock a special quest line. Successfully complete it and you’ll be able to decorate this sought-after weapon with special camo skins. The most patient and successful soldiers will also get to add a gold version to their arsenal!

Золотая версия АК «Альфа»
AK Alpha Gold Version
Камуфляж «Пустыня» для АК «Альфа»
AK Alpha Desert Skin
Камуфляж «Абсолют» для АК «Альфа»
AK Alpha Absolute Skin
Камуфляж «Фобос» для АК «Альфа»
AK Alpha Phobos Skin

Remember, anyone who wants to try out the event can — rewards for the first 10 levels are available to all. To take advantage of all the opportunities the battle pass provides and get all the most valuable prizes, you’ll need premium access.


In the seasonal boxes that you get for making your way through the levels, you’ll find truly cosmic permanent weaponry from the Galaxy series, the permanent Phobos series pistol, and temporary classic weapon models.

HArms CQR «Галактика»
Galaxy HArms CQR
Uzkon UNG-12 «Галактика»
Galaxy Uzkon UNG-12
Micro-Roni CAA «Галактика»
Galaxy Micro-Roni CAA
H&K G28 «Галактика»
Galaxy H&K G28
Maxim 9 «Фобос»
Phobos Maxim 9

The guaranteed permanent weapon mechanic is unchanged: if you get just a temporary reward from 49 seasonal boxes in a row, then the 50th is guaranteed to give you a permanent gun! Plus, permanent weapons won’t repeat: in other words, you’ll always get a new model.

Secondary objectives

Four mission chains will be unlocked every week, one for each class. There are four such blocks in total. In other words, all the missions will be available to you over the month. For completing them all, you can get helmets and body armor from the Armageddon series, gun camo skins from the Galaxy series, guns from the Phobos series and special achievements.


Armageddon Armor Set

How do you assemble a full set of equipment? You can get gloves and boots at levels 40 and 65 of your personal progress, and all helmets and vests for completing the bonus missions described above. All the items have outstanding stats and you’re sure to love them!


Head defense: +55% +55% +55% +70%
Flash bang effect reduction: +40% +40% +40% +40%


Armor points: 155 155 145 125
Weapon change speed increase: +10% +20% +20% +5%
Total ammo increase: +50%

  px px
  Increases sprint speed by 8%
Increases leg protection by 20%
Increases movement speed while crouched by 30%
Reduces recoil power by 10%
Increases arm protection by 20%

Set bonuses

Like the armor from previous seasons, these items will have extra bonuses depending on the number of set items equipped.

  • Bonus for two items: increases weapon reload speed by 20%.
  • Bonus for three items: ability to detect enemy anti-personnel mines.
  • Bonus for four items: increases defense against explosions by 30%, reduces damage by 15 per hit and increases sprint distance by 50%.

The four-item bonus also stacks with the bonus you get from two or three items.

Good luck, soldiers!

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