"Galaxy" skins for PS+ subscribers

2019-10-04 14:48:08


Very soon Warface squad will set off for Mars. What challenges will they face there? What secrets does the Red planet keep? In any case it's a good idea to get prepared to this important mission beforehand: fix the broken armor, sharpen melee weapons and check your reliable guns for the last time. By the way, they will look great in these flashy cosmic camos of the "Galaxy" series. All the PS+ subscribers can get this skinned set now for free!

Камуфляж «Галактика» для SAI GRY AR‐15
"Galaxy" camo for SAI GRY AR‐15
Камуфляж «Галактика» для SAP6
"Galaxy" camo for SAP6
Камуфляж «Галактика» для H&K MP5A5 Custom
"Galaxy" camo for H&K MP5A5 Custom
Камуфляж «Галактика» для H&K USP
"Galaxy" camo for H&K USP

Per aspera ad astra!

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