Packs for True Conquerers!

2019-10-18 11:18:59


Starting today, new packs are available in the PlayStation Store—Mars Explorer and Mars Conquerer! They will help you tip the scales in your favor and come out of any sticky situation as the victor!

Mars Explorer's Edition

Begin your takeover of the red planet with out-of-this-world weapons! In this pack, you’ll find an assault light machine gun from the Phobos series, the perfect auxiliary weapon, and a small sum of premium currency (Kredits).

M240B «Фобос»
M240B Phobos
АПС «Фобос»
APS Phobos
Ледоруб «Фобос»
Phobos Ice Axe
250 кредитов
250 Kredits

Naturally, you’ll get special patches for defeating enemies with this weapon.

Mars Conqueror's Edition

Strike fear into the hearts of your foes with this set of excellent guns from the Phobos series for every class. Furthermore, the set contains a sizeable sum of premium currency (Kredits) for various necessities from the game store. With a pack like this, victory is certain!

M60E4 Phobos
SAP6 Phobos
PP-2000 Phobos
ОРСИС Т-5000
Phobos Orsis T-5000
500 кредитов
500 Kredits

And of course there are achievements. With a weapon like this, you’re sure to earn them in a snap!

See you in game, soldiers!

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