The Warface Challenger Series Tournament

2020-02-03 18:48:41


Are you sure of your strength? Do you want a real challenge? The time has come: the Warface PS4 Tournaments: Challenger Series is starting soon on PlayStation!

When does it start and what’s the prize pool?

The first tournament starts today, the 3rd of February!  You’ll fight other tournament entrants in the  "Free for all" PvP mode. Earn victory points to go to the next stage of the tournament and continue to fight for the grand prizes. The higher your place in the final table, the more points you’ll get. There’s honor, glory and an impressive reward at stake

Organizer and other information

 Challenger Series is organized by PlayStation. You can read the tournament rules and register for a tournament in the  Events window.  No time to lose—registrations start here.

For full rules see here.

Tournament will have several stages: 

  • Stage 1: Registration will start an hour before matches start. 
  • Stage 2: Registration will end a few hours before matches start, only winners of the previous stage can take part. This stage will have  single elimination  bracket. 
  • Stage 3: Registration will end a few hours before matches start, only top players of the previous stage can take part. This stage will have  double elimination  bracket.

Please note: only PS+ subscribers over the age of 16 may enter the tournament.There are also some country restrictions placed by ESL. Please check the tournament rules to learn more.

Good luck!

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