Halloween in coming

2019-10-22 11:37:54


The most mystical day of the year – Halloween - will be here in a couple of days. But Warface soldiers are not easy to scare! Heaps of thematic equipment and guns will soon be at your disposal. In the meantime, a column of armored vehicles carrying these items is moving towards our headquarters. Put your skill to test in the new raid “Cyber Horde” to pass time while you wait and show what a true Warface fighter is made of!

Raid "Cyber Horde"

In a secret region of Eastern Europe there is a Blackwood laboratory where enemy scientists conducted horrible human experiments aimed to create obedient cybernetic soldiers. Something went terribly wrong and test subjects destroyed the guard and broke free. Are you surprised? We are not.

The production complex continues to operate at full capacity increasing this hideous army every minute. Blackwood forces hastily retreated from the region. Now there is only the Warface squad between the millions of civilians and the enraged creatures.

The only chance to stop this madness is to get to the laboratory and disable the equipment with a powerful electromagnetic impulse. A special machine will help you to do it. Your task is to escort it to the destination.

“Anti-Cyborg” weapon series 

Before setting off on a new raid take care of the armory: cyborgs are much more enduring than they seem! “Anty-Cyborg” guns will help you send a whole mob of these dangerous creatures to the kingdom come.

XM8 LMG «Каратель»
XM8 LMG “Anti-Cyborg”
 «Вепрь» «Каратель»
Vepr “Anti-Cyborg”
ПП-19 «Бизон» «Каратель»
PP-19 Bizon “Anti-Cyborg”
Tavor STAR-21 Navy Blue «Каратель»
Tavor STAR-21 Navy Blue “Anti-Cyborg”
FN Five-seveN «Каратель»
Sapper shovel “Anti-Cyborg”
Саперная лопатка «Каратель»
FN Five-seveN “Anti-Cyborg”

Thanks to special munitions all the series models deal increased damage (from 100% to 250%) to cyborgs! Monsters will have a very slim chance to survive!

Spooky update

That is not all. A whole collection of cool weapons and spooky equipment, thematic PvP maps, pleasant rewards and much more are coming! We are almost there!

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