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2018-09-16 18:56:07


Every sniper knows that self-loading rifles demand special skills. A full magazine and the possibility of making a second shot without delay can often cause a relaxed attitude and reckless behavior that can lead to unfortunate consequences. This is why true professionals always try to hit their target on their first shot, leaving their second round as a last resort. There is no doubt that this requires a powerful, accurate, long-range weapon. A weapon like the Remington R11 RSASS rifle.

Development History

In 2011, the American company Remington Arms announced a joint venture with JP Enterprises, Inc. to develop a new .308 Win caliber sniper rifle. The news about this collaboration spread quickly and was received positively, since the first firm had established itself as a world-renowned manufacturer of quality guns, and the second was famous for producing flawless sporting rifles. By early 2012, a model was presented to the general public under the name R11 RSASS.

The LRP-10 hunting rifle, made by JP, was used as the basis for the gun, and served as the source of its firing mechanism, scope mounts, and receiver. Developing the remaining elements fell on the shoulders of the engineers at Remington Arms.

The design of the R11 RSASS has a few interesting features. It's worth noting, first of all, that the charging handle was moved to the left side of the rifle, which significantly increases comfort while shooting, especially in a prone position. Another distinctive characteristic is the ability to switch firing modes between automatic and single-shot, during which the gas release is locked and propellant gasses don't impinge on the bolt carrier. In this case, accuracy increases significantly, although it becomes necessary to reload the rifle by hand after each shot.

The R11 RSASS was initially developed for the army, but they eventually rejected it. An excessive amount of grooves on the forend of the rifle had a negative impact. On one hand, they made construction easier, but, on the other, they made the process of cleaning grime and dirt off the gun significantly more complicated, which was not very convenient for the shooters. But the new gun was well received in the civilian market. Urban police also didn't this interesting model pass them by. The R11 RSASS is currently in service among special forces squads in several countries, and the rifle is growing in popularity with each passing year.

Fun Facts

In most cases, the rifle is referred to by the name R11 RSASS (Rifle 11 Remington Semi-Automatic Sniper System), but this is not always correct. In reality, the gun is just called the R11, and the addition "RSASS" designates the complete sniper set, which includes the rifle itself, scope, bipod, silencer, and carrying case.

The model uses the gas system from the automatic mechanism of the AR-10 rifle, which in its time was the prototype for the M16 assault rifle. This is why the R11 can safely be called a distant relative of Eugene Stoner's famous work.

The R11 RSASS completely lacks a standard open sight device. They are replaced by a Picatinny rail that is located on the top part of the rifle and designed for mounting optics.

The Weapon in the Game

Each class of rifle does serious damage with its high-capacity magazine and high rate of fire, all of which helps you dispense with your opponent quickly. With a range of 80, the best among the sniper rifles, this gun also allows you to accomplish this at a safe distance.

There is also a gold version of the R11 RSASS, distinguished by not only its luxurious look, which indicates the high status of its owner, but also its increased shooting range and the extra ammo in its magazine.

Snipers who use this rifle to send 10,000 and 25,000 enemies to kingdom come will find themselves the owners of unique achievements: Top Rival and Advanced Top Rival. And those who successfully kill 999 opponents with the gun's gold version will receive the Gold Mountains achievement.


By the way, you can only get the gold version from early access packs. There will never be another opportunity to get it!

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