Arsenal Changes (18/09/18)

2018-09-18 18:13:52


It's time to arm yourselves to the teeth and show the enemy who owns the battlefield. A big shipment of new items to the game store should help you with that!

Earth Shaker Weapon Series

The guns in this series are inspired by the Earth Shaker raid: cracks run along their frames, making it clear that these weapons are literally loaded with primal power! You can purchase the Earth Shaker series ACR assault rifle, Mossberg 500 Custom shotgun, SCAR-L PDW submachine gun, and McMillan CS5 sniper rifle in the store right now.

Eliminate 15,000 enemies using the guns from this series, and you'll get special stripes.

Before you pick up an Earth Shaker series weapon, don't forget to put on some fire-resistant gloves!

Anubis Weapon Series

Can you already see the value in this brightly colored series? New Anubis guns are available in the store! The PP-19 Bizon, AK-103, VEPR, Alpine, and Walther P99, at your service. All the guns have a memorable multicolored skin, but they have the same stats as their originals, so you'll have no trouble doing away with your opponents!

Eliminate 15,000 enemies using these brightly colored guns, and you'll get unusual stripes that will decorate your banner and be a real source of pride!


These character skins look exactly as the armor of the future should. Their perfect anatomic measurements and strict military look clearly demonstrate your power. This equipment bundle also comes with two bonuses: "+10 attention from other Warface players" and "+5 sense of superiority over the enemy."

Other New Items

Want even more weapons? No problem! You can now add eight more guns to your collection. You can purchase them forever for credits, or temporarily for money.

SIG 551
FN P90
JS 9mm
CheyTac M200
These items have left the game store
Daewoo K7, MPA10SST-X, FN F2000, M60E4, Kel-Tec Shotgun, Remington 870 RAS, CheyTac M200, Barrett M107, Anubis PP2000, Anubis MSBS Radon, Anubis Sidewinder Venom, and Anubis Orsis T-5000.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to add to your arsenal and try out a new piece in battle!

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