Weapons of mass destruction

2019-11-18 15:02:12


Today's shop update brings real weapons of mass destruction — the Sniper rifle Calico M951S and the golden version of the shotgun Uzkon UNG-12.

Calico M951S

If the Sniper is your favourite class but somewhere deep inside you are a Rifleman, this is the best gun to pick. Its incredible rate of fire (450 points!) and automatic fire mode will allow you to be on the front lines creating a serious competition for Riflemen and annihilate everybody who dares stand in your way. However, don't forget to reload the rifle. Such dynamic combat can leave you with an empty magazine in a heartbeat.


Golden Uzkon UNG-12

The second weapon needs no introduction. Many Medics have already appreciated this automatic shotgun that will turn close range combat into a real nightmare for your enemies. At the same time, its flashy looks will earn you an honorable place among the teammates!


You can get these arms via direct sale or try your luck opening corresponding boxes.

See you in combat!

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